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Chiming in a little late in the day, I know; and after weeks of blog-death. Sheesh.

Transgender Day of Remembrance¬† is important to me for deeply personal reasons. I don’t think that the struggle of the Transgender movement can or should be boiled down to one or a couple of days out of the year, and I have to take myself to task for not yet tackling some of the cis-supremacist ways of our world here on my own turf.

I mean, the sad truth is that not enough feminists bring that struggle to light in their work. And I’ll take radical feminism to task here- it’s really my home in feminism, and this is where it’s analysis is severely lacking. So many contemporary radfems have come down so hard on the Transgender community and it really gives me pause at times when otherwise I can carry the axe happily, and whistle a little tune as I do so.

I’m not an essentialist. I don’t believe that sex exists apart from culture and I don’t believe that the things we learn when we learn about being good boys/men/girls/women can be all boiled down to “drives” or “hormones.” I don’t believe that estrogen makes people want to wear high heels and makeup.

But I also don’t think it’s right to alienate people who are suffering and just want to fucking belong. Especially not when it’s so obvious, when you spend time with these people and see the shit they have to put up with daily just to walk around in the world.

And you can criticize the gender-binary system all you like, but until you’ve tried to make IT fit YOU in the daily minutiae of the DMV or the Vital Statistics Office, and in response all you get are invasive questions about the aesthetics of your genitalia or other medically-nosy queries, then please. Don’t assume you know what you’re talking about.

I’m posting a video here from the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Standing on the Side of Love website. It’s very sad. But it needs to be seen. And spread it around, if you don’t mind.