Friday is Good. :D

We have a Youth event this weekend so we ain’t gonna get much sleep. There’s also a punk-rock anarchist puppet show tonight. Last night we watched 2 episodes of Heroes from season 1, went grocery shopping, and then went to JoAnne’s to get stuff to build our Halloween costume.

It’s gonna be sweet.

I love Halloween. We got 2 paper skeletons to put on the front door. I’m so excited that I’m living in a neighborhood now that might actually have some trick-or-treaters- we just have to have some vegan candy on hand for them! This is the one holiday I can really enjoy, I think because it’s the only one that is OVERTLY pagan and not, well. You know.

And I can’t wait to do Halloween next year. 😀 I am gonna make special art stuffs for it. I already have ideas in my head!!

Ok. Time to go and make some donuts. Have an awesome weekend, everyone!


2 responses to “Friday is Good. :D

  1. marcillapalooza

    Please to make post again!

  2. Please to share with me a Halloween Art Extravaganza next year!

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