Friday Art & Etc.

So I have made a little triad of angels. Here they are.angel1 I am trying to fidget around with how I lay them out in the post, and can’t quite figure out how to line them up straight, so they are a little wonkedy.


So finally, I posted some art! How’s that for a Friday?

In other news:

Over the past two weeks I have watched a bunch of movies, read a lot of monstrous threads over at Shapely Prose, and done a bunch of other stuff. I really don’t know how people can post these incredibly detailed accounts of what goes on in their lives, and their analysis of these events, and still have time to have the lives they describe. It’s just so hard for me to even get a minute alone with the computer, much less plan out and articulate the things I’m thinking. I will, however, keep trying.

Expect at least one movie review this weekend. 😀

Tell me if you like my art, also. I will be adding contact information soon, so that folks can email me if they are curious about the art, or about buying the art 😉

Hope everyone has had a good week.


4 responses to “Friday Art & Etc.

  1. marcillapalooza

    Love teh artz! You know how I’m paying for mine 😉

    (with housework, I mean, sex work jokes aren’t nice :: tongue stuck out :: )

  2. Please do prints or something (zazzle?) of these. I want the complete set, yet can’t afford to give you what I think they’re worth.

  3. I love them so much. What size canvas are they?

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