Looks like I’m moving up in the blog world. My little cyberden finally got some schpam.

Almost finished with another painting I’m doing. I still haven’t decided how to finish the one I posted earlier in the week. :: shrugs ::

A friend of ours sent us this video of a gal dancing to that “single ladies” song in a scary clown mask who bangs her head real hard on her TV. I laughed at it, then I felt bad ’cause it sounded like the lady was crying. So I ain’t going to post it here.

My friends at church have started this new Youtube channel and it’s pretty cool. If you look to your right, you will also see a new link to their blog! Yay *clap clap clap*.

I really like Orlando. Even though it is becoming the poster child for the housing-bust and everything’s kinda dirty and broken here, and this seems to be the place where strip malls have evolved to self-replicate and the whole thing’s run by a talking rat. I still really like Orlando. The flowers are pretty here and there are lots of vegetarian restaurants and we have a gay people center. Yay.

Anyhoo. I guess that’s enough randomness for a Friday morning. I will be doing my (blog) premier of a three painting series this weekend. I’m so excited!


2 responses to “w00t

  1. I’m so glad you’re happy there… and I can’t wait to see the new paintings!

  2. marcillapalooza

    I’m glad you like Orlando, cause I do too =-)

    ‘Course, wherever you are will always be my FIRST choice =-O

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