What a Friggin’ Week

Working in a large non-profit during the month of September has meant surreal-ness and uncalled for stress as we cross the “fiscal-year” threshold. After a giant flurry of activity, the afternoon at my job was eerily quiet as I completed my billing for the month and worked on shit like case notes, and putting away extra pieces of paper.

The fat blogs, as always, are full of goodness this week, and I’ve had very little time to sift through them! I have been working on art and working on my relationship.

Of late our yard had become very overgrown (due to equipent usage/timing conflicts with our neighbor) and today, out of either “kindness” or insanely-adept-bordering-on-professional-level passive aggression, somebody mowed it. They didn’t just mow it- they hacked everything down. All these beautiful plants had begun to really lush out around the perimeter – OUR SIDE- of the house and whoever made the decision just ripped it all out. Our little duplex, which looked so kitschy and Florida, now looks all sad and detritus-y. Florida weeds don’t look like weeds, y’all. They are lush and beautiful and have pretty little flowers growing all over them. Whoever took the “initiative” to “mow” has some real childhood, plant-related trauma. It kinda makes me sad. We had a baby oak tree growing out there, along with all these gigantic reddish-black vines and a whole bunch of baby elephant ears.

And we would have mowed it ourselves, but our neighbor (who told us when we moved in she’d let us use her lawnmower whenever we needed it if she could keep the key to the shed) is not around that often to give us the key to the shed, and won’t let  us coordinate times with her to mow the lawn.

Ugh. And on top of all that, they put the “yard waste” (read: all the pretty plants they killed) into our city trash can, and shoved it over on the side of the yard. We’ll have to take it out and re-bag it. Gah.

Anyways. Not a lot of deep thinking to post about today. Instead, here’s a sneaky-peeky at part of a new painting that I’m making. 😀



4 responses to “What a Friggin’ Week

  1. Wow. Loving the paintings.

  2. marcillapalooza

    “childhood, plant-related trauma” <– classic

  3. I’m always surprised by your arts these days… Not surprised that it is so good, just surprised by the lush variety of it all. Love.

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