Idle Hands- Devil’s Werk?

Sneaking in a quick post- mostly about the things I *want* to do as they are not the things I *have* to do, nor the things that I am * supposed* to be doing.

Since I’ve started painting my hands have wanted to be busier. I don’t just think about painting, I notice that I move and twitch my fingers when they should be still as though I had a brush in my hands.

I want to write more lately, as well. The creative side of my brain is asserting a dominance that it didn’t have before. It’s like it’s telling my body that it NEEDS the intellectual activity.

SO I get a half a minute in between the million and four things I have to do for my job, and feel compelled to write something about myself.

WTF does that mean, anyway?

Now, break’s over, back on my head. 😦


2 responses to “Idle Hands- Devil’s Werk?

  1. marcillapalooza

    You are a spirit breaking free from the mold in which you were placed =-)

  2. That’s great! I wish I could get twitchy with the creative, but I’m currently dealing with fits and starts…

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