Weekend Schtuff

This weekend has been fruitful. In the course of the last 36 hours I finished a painting that I started last night (which is like, whoa!) and we experienced a monitor death and subsequent monitor replacement. Which is awesomely awesome. We’re a little bit poorer in money. But we are graphics-rich!

The monitor quest was so dramatic. And then we FINALLY picked one, and brought it home, and M hooked it up, and while she was trying to fix the resolution, the Linux went kerflopsky and now we are running the puter from an Ubuntu live disc and so, like, all this random shit can’t be done right at this moment. But we has a very awesome, very widescreen monitor. YAY.


One response to “Weekend Schtuff

  1. Hey look, she has her own login now 8-}

    Anyway, I just feel I need to say (lest anyone misunderstand) that there was not an error with teh Linux. Teh Linux = teh bawllz. When we installed Debian, I did not install support for widescreen format at the time as we did not need it. Since we needed to update our distro and we wanted to try Ubuntu anywho, that’s how we got here.

    One year into Linux, and there is definitely no looking back at Windoze. That shit is straight malware.

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