O hai.

I think that this is probably the… *counting on fingers*… FIFTH blog project I’ve undertaken since 2004. There are a few different objectives floating around in my head that motivate me; I guess I just keep trying to put all the things into a blog that I would like to see. Meta meta meta. Ad infinitum.

If you would look to the right you will see a whole host (read: shit-ton) of categories, etc. This is how my mind works. I will be adding more, take my word.

I want to write here about my life and about art, and about various political schtuff. We are a work in progress. And progress is about process, right?



One response to “O hai.

  1. This is *not* Elaina, it’s Marcilla =-)

    But I just had to get on here so I could say, “good luck with yer new blawg, I know it’ll be aweshum!” And there was something else that I wanted to say. . . first.

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