My Feminism Friday Post.

So tonight we are heading to a Beacon training; like a youth-mentorship training, at our wonderful Unitarian Universalist Society. I wanted to jump in with a fantastic Feminism Friday post, but the thing is, we are leaving, literally, in like five minutes or something.

I guess I’ll talk about what I been reading- Catharine Mackinnon’sTowards a Feminist Theory of the State.” It’s pretty dense reading; I get kind of amazed when folks take one or two of her quotes and blast them around with the authority of a feminist scholar, claiming to know what her writing’s all about. It’s just impossible to do that.

The first chapter of the book is called “A Feminist Critique of Marxism”. It deals with the more-or-less offhanded way that “the woman question,” as it’s put in their works, is “dealt with.” She goes into the very few words Marx penned regarding women and their status/situation in society, and a little more deeply into Engles’ analysis of “the woman question” as it’s put forth in “The Origin Of the Family, Private Property, and The State,” and in a nutshell comes to the conclusion that early Marxist theory did not develop a proper analysis of “the woman question;” it could hardly be bothered to analyze it, in fact, and Engles’ conclusions were breathtakingly essentialist. She highlights the core problematic areas.

Just like a good ‘ole radfem. The next chapter is called “A Marxist Critique of Feminism.”  I can’t wait!

That said, I gotta go. 😀 Happy Happy Feminist Friday!


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